Official website of Composer and Pianist: Fox Amoore

Don't Listen... "Feel".


Fox Amoore is a 27 year old professional Pianist and Keyboardist. He has performed in various places, from the Albert Hall, to the Cavern Club in Liverpool, as well as Internationally.

His music mainly consists of the New-Age and Orchestral styles with strong Piano lead. However he has also performed and composed in a number of others, including Jazz and to a lesser extent, Electronica/Modern Dance.

He has performed and composed for numerous acts and Media. As a composer, he has worked for Supervillain Studios with their Nintendo Wii production Order Up! He has also composed for Gamer Tonight, an acclaimed comedy video game parody show, as well as over various media and commercial products.

His original music is mainly the Orchestral and New Age genre, based strongly on Piano.

His cover work is done in his own style and he embellishes his own ideas, in an attempt to create a "new" song.

His work has been featured on Nintendo (Order Up! Out on the Wii) and has composed for numerous other flash animations and films.

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